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I buy homes in any condition. Personal representatives or heirs please call 866-989-1746 to get a quote on the home in your loved ones estate. We are not realtors, just house buyers who will pay cash and close fast on your house in probate. You don’t have to make repairs, move anything or paint and clean to sell your probate house or home to us.

Get cash today for a probate home.

Probate is the court supervised process of transferring property at death pursuant to the terms of the will. This is official definition of probate. In simple terms probate is settling an estate and selling property after someone has died.

As a real estate investor, I have bought many properties that have come out of probate. We may even be able to buy the property before it clears probate.

If you are new to probate there are some crazy words you need to learn like: beneficiary, intestate, revocable trusts, power of attorney, executor, personal representative, debts, assets, expenses, bequests, closing the estate, trustee, administration, distribution of property, codicit, joint tenants with rights of survivorship, tenants in common. If you have no idea about these terms we can recommend an attorney or lawyer that specializes in probate and estates.

I am not an attorney, realtor or estate planner, but I do know how to buy your home in probate fast for cash without paying a realtor or commission.

Need to sell a probate home in Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, Michigan, Washington, Illinois, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Arizona, Utah, DC, Ohio, New Mexico, California. Also, Orlando, Camden, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Titusville, Tacoma, Seattle, Chicago, Flint, Detroit, Harrisburg, Ft Myers, West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Clermont, Leesburg, Kissimmee, St Cloud, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Palm Bay, Deltona, Sanford, Apopka, Winter Park, Houston, Charlotte, Brevard, Asheville, Cape Coral, Jacksonville, Palm Coast, Bridgeport, Hartford, Boca Raton and other cities and states across the USA as we are adding new affiliates every day.

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Probate & Administration of Estates

See Florida Statutes for information regarding the following or additional topics:

  • Probate Code
  • Notice and Representation
  • Intestate Succession and Wills
  • Surviving Spouse; Rights in Community Property;
  • Pretermitted Spouse and Children
  • Exempt Property and Allowances
  • Wills, Rules of Construction
  • Contractual Arrangements Relating to Death
  • Production of Wills
  • Administration of Estates
  • Appointment and Qualifications of Personal Representative,
  • Fiduciary Bonds
  • Resignation and Removal of Personal Representatives
  • Duties and Powers of Personal Representative
  • Creditors’ Claims
  • Special Provisions for Distribution
  • Closing Estates
  • Foreign Personal Representatives;
  • Ancillary Administration
  • Small Estates, Summary Administration,
  • Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration
  • Trust Administration, Registration,
  • Jurisdiction of Courts,
  • Duties and Liabilities of Trustees,
  • Powers of Trustees
  • Charitable Trusts, Rules of Construction

Got a House in Probate?

Should a loved one suddenly die, you may unexpectedly find yourself as the heir to their property. Unfortunately, sometimes, these properties are more burden than blessing. can show you how to sell your house in probate.

What to know about selling a home in probate

Probate courts typically want to sell a house for as much money as possible to benefit the heirs. However, the sad truth is many homes in probate have fallen into disrepair, so it’s hard to find a buyer who’s willing to pay top dollar. 

Here’s where comes in. We are property investors who buy homes even if they’re in bad condition. Even better, we’ll pay you in cash!

As long as the probate court approves the purchase, we can close on your property in days—not weeks. If you’ve ever listed a property on the open market, then you know that we move quickly!

In our two decades of operations, we’ve bought hundreds of homes that have come out of probate. In some cases, we are even able to buy properties before the probate closes. 

Who Can We Help? helps people who want to sell homes in probate as soon as possible. 

Whether it’s because they can’t afford extensive repairs or they need money ASAP to pay the deceased person’s creditors, IBuyHomes will help out any heir looking for a guaranteed buyer so they can close the probate process quickly. is the answer!

Benefits of selling your probate home to an investor

Working with us makes divesting your inherited property much easier:

No sales commissions

When you list your home with a realtor, you pay a commission when it’s sold. If your property isn’t worth much to begin with, there’s even less money for you to pocket.

No need to repair

Renovating a run-down home might cost even more than the property itself. Luckily, we buy probate homes in any condition.

Close probate fast

Why wait for months to get an offer from a buyer when we can close on your property in just a few days?

If you want to know more about selling your house in probate, call us at 866-876-0128 or fill up this signup form.

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