iBuyHomes is the original iBuyer and has been buying homes nationally online for over two decades. With a team of personal acquisition representatives, we will make an all cash offer, buy as is, and close when you want to. We work in all 50 states. 

iBuyHomes is the first national home buyer, more recently dubbed an iBuyer. We developed a model where we can buy any home in the country that meets our criteria in mere minutes, all while requiring no repairs, no service fees, and on your timetable.

After simply entering your information in our site, we will run through a handful of questions to determine the characteristics of the home. We will use our proprietary underwriting process to determine the current market value of your property and present you with a cash offer. From there, we can close in up to 60 days based on when it is most convenient for you.

It all depends on market conditions in your area and what iBuyhomes determines the home is worth. Size, age, # of beds and baths, special features; it’s all considered. If the home meets our criteria and once we estimate the costs, we are ready present a bona fide cash offer.

Never. iBuyHomes never charges realtor fees, service fees, or other types of fees to make money. Our offers are put together and our process works so that we only make money at the end of the process, when we resell the home and never from you the seller.

Yes. You can negotiate with iBuyHomes just like with any other buyer.

There is no obligation to accept iBuyHomes’ offer. Once accepted by all parties, the contract is binding like any other real estate contract.

Single Family Houses, Condos, Townhomes, 1-4 unit residential. 2-5 bedrooms. 800-4,000 sqft. Built after 1925.

No. We buy everything as is and do the work ourselves. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t even have to move the furniture if you don’t want to.

Typically, we can give a seller up to 60 days to close. In most cases, we are ready to close as soon as title is ready and our inspections are done.

The short answer is sometimes. If a purchase qualifies, based on market, price, and certain internal factors, we can pay for a sellers closing costs.