What is Selling My House for Cash

What is Selling My House for Cash? Here’s Your Guide!

People have preconceived notions about what selling to a cash buyer really means, but these are almost always wrong.

In the last few years, the number of houses purchased with cash has skyrocketed. Approximately 30% of all house purchases are made using all cash. You may be wondering, “what is selling my house for cash really going to be like?”

Today, we’re going to help you understand the process of selling a home for cash and why it can truly benefit you. There are numerous ways to go about selling a home, most of which involve a realtor, house showings, and negotiation.

We’re here to tell you that the process can be much simpler and faster. What does selling your house for cash mean? Keep reading and we’ll explain it to you in detail.

What Is Selling My House for Cash?

A lot of people ask, “what does selling my house for cash mean?”

It means exactly what it sounds like it means. Instead of going through the traditional process of selling your cash – hiring a realtor, listing the home, showing it to potential buyers, negotiating a selling price, etc. – it’s a much more straightforward transaction.

You show your home to a cash buyer and they make an offer on it. If you like the offer, you accept it and you get cash in hand in exchange for possession of your home. It couldn’t be simpler, but there’s a lot of mistrust when it comes to cash buyers.

The reason for this is that there are plenty of scammers out there. It’s so important to deal with reputable companies that have a long track record of working with happy homeowners. Never agree to sell your home to shady investors that aren’t vetted.

At ibuyhomes.com, we’re among the most reputable cash buyers in the country. We strive to give you the best possible price for your home and our countless good reviews attest to the fact that we always look out for the best interest of our clients.

What Are the Benefits of Selling for Cash?

So long as you sell to a quality cash buyer, there are a number of benefits to selling for cash. Here are a few of the biggest ones:

It’s Fast

Obviously, the biggest perk of selling to a cash buyer is that it’s fast. When you accept our offer, for instance, we can close on the house within a few days. This is opposed to selling to a traditional buyer, which may take several months.

The reason for this is that you don’t have to wait for the buyer to secure a mortgage. You don’t have to engage in lengthy negotiations on prices and closing dates. Instead, you just have to be available on the day of your choosing and hand over the keys.

Can Be Cheaper

There are a few reasons why selling for cash might be the more financially responsible choice. First of all, you don’t need to worry about hiring a real estate agent.

Realtors take around 5% of the closing cost of your home. This may not sound like much, but when you’re dealing with a few hundred thousand dollars, it is. You deal with a cash buyer yourself and get to keep every penny that they purchase your home for.

You won’t have to worry about home repairs or inspections, either. Cash buyers take the house as-is, so you don’t have to spend money repairing and renovating things to please them.

No Marketing

Marketing the home can be a huge pain for home sellers. Between staging the home, then photographing it, and listing it on real estate sites, you’re spending loads of time and money getting potential buyers to see it.

With cash buying, you contact them. You give them all of the necessary information on the house, then you get a cash offer in return. There’s zero marketing involved.

How the Process Works

Now that you understand the perks of selling to a cash buyer, it’s time to explain the process in more detail.

When you decide you want to sell your home for cash, you simply head to our website and fill out a secure online form. In a few short minutes, we’ll review what you’ve told us and contact you to obtain more information.

Once we’ve got a better idea of how old your home is, whether you’ve done any renovations, and the overall condition it’s in, we’ll send you a cash offer. This is a no-obligation, free cash offer, so if you decide you don’t like it and want to try to sell your home the old-fashioned way, it’s no problem.

If you accept the offer, however, we move into the next phase. We don’t use banks or mortgages, so we can close as soon as you’d like. You’ll have two options for payment: all cash or owner financing.

All cash is the quickest way to get paid. Owner financing takes a bit longer because it involves more paperwork. That being said, we can offer you more money when you choose this method.

We buy homes all over the country, including Alaska and Hawaii. Whether you’re going through probate or foreclosure, or you aren’t up for repairing the home, we can help get you good market value for your house. As you can see, the process is quick and painless, but you can learn more about it here.

Let ibuyhomes.com Help You Sell Your Home for Cash

What is selling my house for cash?

Now that you know, it’s time to decide whether it’s the right option for you. Because all of our offers come with no obligation on your end, it doesn’t hurt to head over to our site and fill out our secure online form today. You may be surprised by what kind of cash offer you can get for your home.

If you’ve still got questions about how it all works, don’t hesitate to contact us today and we’ll be happy to clear it up for you.

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