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Our Simple Mission: Provide the Easiest and Quickest Way to Sell Your Home for Cash

There are many reasons to sell your home fast. Divorce, loss of income, health issues or a death in the family, to name a few. Some homeowners may want to eliminate the hassle of realtor fees, showings and open houses. 

The IBuyHomes team understands that selling a home is stressful even under the best of circumstances. Our representatives walk you through the entire process. We respect your privacy and will never sell your information to outside vendors. 

In just a few steps, IBuyHomes evaluates your property, prepares an offer, completes an inspection, and closes the sale if you agree to it. 

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Get in Touch

Fill out our secure online form or call us at 866-989-1746 to begin the application process. We keep your information private and you are under no obligation to move forward with a contract. 

Step 2: Get an Evaluation

One of our representatives will contact you for more details about your home, such as its address, age, condition, and whether any repairs or renovations were done. 

We rely on your candid, open answers so we can evaluate the home based on our buying criteria. We will use the information you provide to create a quote for your property. You’re free to accept the offer or not. 

Remember, our team looks at the location and potential value—not just structural condition—when deciding on properties. We will inspect every property as part of our due diligence. You won’t need to repaint, repair or renovate your home just to impress us.

Step 3: Get Paid

IBuyHomes can close quickly on your home because we don’t use banks or mortgage companies. From inspection to closing, our team controls and manages the entire process. 

After we present you with an offer, you’ll decide how you want to proceed with the purchase:

  • All-Cash: We can’t offer full retail value on your property, but we can close the deal much faster
  • Owner Financing: We can offer much more on your property, but financial paperwork may prolong the purchase timeline

For your convenience, we close quickly and give you a check for the payment. If you can’t be there in person, we’ll overnight the paperwork to you.

Questions? Call us at 866-989-1746 for more information.

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