Why sell a fire damaged home to an investor Hidden Costs

Fire damaged house in Atlanta

Hidden costs of fixing a major fire damaged house  If you’ve been through a fire, then you may be in talks with the insurance company about repairs. However, there are hidden costs and other challenges that you should be aware of. In fact, fire damaged homes can be full of unwanted surprises, and you may […]

Can the Color of a House Increase its Value?

There are many factors that can determine how much a house is worth. Is the home in a good neighborhood? Does the home require lots of repairs? What does the landscaping look like? What does the home itself look like? When a potential buyer sees a photograph online, that first impression can be very important. […]

Selling Your Home Quickly To Cash Investors

Overview For many people, their home is their largest and most important investment. However, there are times in life when a person must sell their home. More people are searching for alternative ways to sell their home. The traditional route of selling through a real estate agent cost a lot of money and time. With […]

What should you look for in a cash home buyer?

The first thing you should see is how long have they been in business. In our case we can prove that our website has been up since 2001 if you go to archive.org and type in www.ibuyhomes.com. This shows we have stability and the means to buy your house for cash. The second thing you […]